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What We Offer

FBC specialises in equity creation using our wealth creation strategies, which have positive cash flow yields. Providing a range of specialist services we have a solid network of investment professionals and offer progressive, expert advice and options for all aspects of cash flow positive investing. Whether your interest is foreign property investing, or you simply want to know how to invest positively, then we will assist by presenting you with RIGHT choices!

We are an experienced team of highly motivated financial advisers to assist our customers in getting the best investment options for property and a strategy to make more wealth as a secure income throughout .

With over more than 35 years of experience, our lead consultant Alsitair McCreath has been able to guide customers with working wealth acceleration and financial planning techniques.

FBC has a warm and welcoming culture and our consultants work hand in hand with our customers and try to give them an excellent service throughout their journey with us. We have appointments at a place of our customer’s choice to save their time and assist them in all possible ways and to ensure their complete satisfaction.

Alistair F McCreath

International Property Specialist

About FBC Group

Our management team has more than 10 years experience within the US property investment and has been helping customers save more money with expert advice on right investment properties. Our experienced consultants are happy to meet with you at a time and place convenient to you.  At FBC, we suggest the best investment strategies to create, establish and manage turn-key cash flow positive investments for clients in order to fund both their current and future lifestyles, whilst minimizing debt and creating a long-lasting sustainable retirement platform.

Alistair McCreath, our lead consultant has vast experience in property investment, sales and property management. He is passionate about managing all aspects of his clients’ portfolio professionally ensuring profits and wealth accumulation for them.

Why Choose Us

Free Consultation at your place
  • We don’t work office hours and will see you at your convenience at your time and your place of choosing.
Transparent process and assistance at each step
  • We set up your bank accounts and tax payer accounts along with the property documentation
  • You get your money directly in your account and can spend this money anywhere int he world
  • Our team of qualified professionals will help you with everything
  • We stay in regular contact with emails and personal calls and operate nationwide.
knowledge and experience
  • We have an office in US with dedicated resources for property management, liaison with banking specialists and tax accounting services at your disposal.
  • We are not agents and we do the complete investment process in a transparent manner using valid and autoprised processes.
Our services are absolutely FREE
  • We don’t charge fees of any sort as we are paid directly by the banks.

At FBC Group, we ensure continuous success, return on investments and results for our clients. For a free consultation session for property investment, call 03 – 94358871 today.

Our Process

Free Consultation

Book a free consultation for a free consultation session for right strategies for investment in property and wealth acceleration strategies or for managing your financial portfolio. We will be there at a time and place convenient to you.

Discussion and Review

We will assess your circumstances and requirements to find out the best options you can choose from; and help you realize your goals of having a secure and passive ongoing income.

Team to assist you with everything

You can leave all your worries to us as we will do the running around for you and will manage the overall process from start to end. We have a dedicated team of property manager and financial assistance eager to help you with your requirements.


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